Press information

After several years of tinkering and many ups and downs it is done. We are proud to present our MuC to you today.

However, we are still a long way from achieving our goal. We want to encourage a rethink and bring about a change in consumer behaviour. The more people learn about our idea and mission, the closer we get to this goal!

Therefore, we would be happy if you would like to write about us. Do you need support in terms of background information, images or product samples? We are happy to help where we can!

Press Service

You would like to report something about our MuC? We would be happy to assist you with background information! Just contact us and we will see how we can support you.

Media & Images

You need product images of our MuC or our company logo for an article? We are looking forward to hearing about your project and would be happy to see how we can support you with various images.


A picture alone is not enough and our MuC must support you personally as a requisite, as a model or exhibitor. Again, we are looking forward hearing from you and seeing what we can do!