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You are a retailer or have a café and the issues of sustainability and waste avoidance are close to your heart?

Throw-away was yesterday, reusable is tomorrow! As a flexible and reusable cup, our MuC enables sustainable consumer behaviour while outshining conventional reusable solutions with its flexibility and innovative design. Together, we can shape tomorrow.

Two reasons why our MuC is an innovative solution in the reusable cup market.


Handling & Practicability

The problem with many reusable cups is their bulky and inflexible design. This makes it difficult to carry the cup around all the time so it collects dust at home and and people then resort to the disposable solution.

This is where our MuC comes in. Due to its flexible design, the cup can be easily folded for transport and it fits in or on any bag!


A loyal companion – like the MuC is – should of course look good. Therefore, a contemporary and innovative design was just as important to us as functionality. We are pleased to be able to bring a unique and innovative solution to the market through the patented design of the MuC.


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