The MuC as a flagship for your institute

"Sustainable, practical, flexible!"

Is it important for your educational institution to take on an environmentally conscious pioneering role and to exemplify the “ReUse idea”?

The MuC as a flexible reusable solution for beverage consumption in and on the way to your institute. Save resources while making a stylish statement & strengthen identification with your institute through individual branding among students and researchers.

What added value does a sustainable reusable cup bring to your facility?



In Germany, around 2.8 billion disposable cups are thrown away every year. Many of them on the way to university or between classes. As a reusable cup, the MuC contributes directly to the “zero waste” idea.


Unlike other reusable solutions, the MuC is flexible and space-saving. Once folded, the cup shrinks to 30% of its original size. Simply stow it in your bag or attach it with a carabiner. Taking it with you every day is no longer a problem!


Role model function

Educational and research institutions have an enormous responsibility and role model function in our society. Also, in the area of waste avoidance and consumer behaviour. With the MuC, you can pursue the “ReUse idea” and set a good example.


Our MuC is happy to dress up for you and decorate its collar with your logo, because appearances matter!

Many students & graduates identify with their university and want to show this too. The possibility to brand our cup with your logo contributes to the fulfilment of this wish and it represents a sustainable and innovative public image.

Feel free to contact us and we will advise you on the possibilities of customisation.

One cup. Countless possibilities.

up2u-MuC My useful Cup-Wandern-am-Gardasee
up2u-MuC My useful Cup-Wandern-am-Gardasee

One cup. Countless possibilities.

We would like to make a contribution! While we are trying to reduce the generation of waste through a practical reusable alternative, numerous projects are working to remedy the failures of the past and clean up waste that has already been generated.

One of these initiatives is the association One Earth – One Ocean e.V.(oeoo), which is attempting to remove refuse from the earth’s aquatic ecosystems through a multi-stage concept of “maritime trash collection.” Several trash collection ships, such as the small SeeHamster or the larger SeeKuh, are already in operation worldwide, and further concepts, such as the SeeElefant, are in planning.

We find so much commitment worthy of support and are happy if we can make a contribution together!

Have we sparked your interest?

We are happy to advise you on your way to a sustainable alternative and work out an offer that suits you and your (educational) institute.

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